What if the abyss is upward?

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  • What if we kept falling into the sky’s tremendous cosmic abyss? What if it embraces us?
  • What if our bodies kept dissolving, turning to body-dust, gathering stars?
  • What if this vast unknown darkness just kept us pulling us upward?

So turn upside down, head on the ground, feet towards the clouds and blue sky (or starry night, depending on the hour).
Feel the nutritional density of the ground beneath your head and hands: her matrix anchor, her gentle pull and embrace. Feel the weight of your whole body on the top of your head. Light and airy feet above, being kissed by the gentle wind. Can you feel the stars in your toes? Now sit back down again, relieving the head from your own gravity. Changing physical perspective always helps to find new points of view.
Can you feel the cosmic pull now? That latent disintegration and forgetfulness that throbs through your head. Or is it a connection tethered to the creative nucleus of reality? The subtle and slow falling upward. Away. Up-there. In the deep, profound darkness. The vast every-nothing-ness.

For the last few years, I’ve been attentive to the earth and the ground. To the simple and powerful soil that sustains everything. To the latent life that dwells in it and is renewed every moment. To the sincerity and humility that verticalizes and anchors us, despite all its deviations and curves, crusts and inclinations.
I’ve been learning to hear the ancient modulation of its living crust, its folds, creases, and wrinkles. So, I feel every fracture, every sensuous rupture, and break that allows us to transverse and re-signify the path with every step. All the cuts and gaps are part of the place’s continuity, the diversity of its skin and texture, all the pits and slopes, humps, and climbs.
There is mysterious intimacy in the pathways that unravel and recreate themselves at every moment. I hear the silent melody of the territory surrounding me in the ancient song of its living and present memory-matrix. I feel the delineation of its powerful geography that embraces and sustains me.

And then there is this pull — this cosmic sway. A systemic astronomical way to life in itself, a process of living in the present, in a participative and responsible manner. Falling upward has nothing to do with absolute rules of perfection or even closed results based on assumptions, prejudices, or expectations. This ancestral falling is to be aware of what appears and emerges in us as an intimate clarification.

Everything is genuinely interconnected, hence the importance of lovingly knowing this space-time pull: the ancient telluric-earthly-serpent of place and the primal vast-cosmic-turtle of time. Seeding us to life. Breathing us into existence.

The morphic-energetic field of the system we are embedded in is highly changeable and dynamic, always resonating with the various integrated contexts of occurrence. So, when looking for final and objective answers expecting to receive a linear response to multidimensional life processes, we can get frustrated or utterly confused. Which norm to follow? There is a whole disconcerting fragility when we touch on the ongoing transformation of the fabric reality.

Deeply processing that, there is an inevitable maturation in that arduous journey — a growing up. When on our feet walking about life, we’ve been acculturated to endure scarcity and danger. We try to walk in each other’s footsteps, seeking not to misplace any foot so as not to fall or get injured, growing in fear only. But beyond fear, we can also gain perspective, reading the patterns. Assuming we are (w)holly in our body, in the present and urgent life structure. Claiming that place on the web, the one we genuinely occupy. This is a peregrination, not a destination or solution. This whole presence works with what emerges, in conscious flow and not in control.

Let your body fall upward, taking once again the responsibility for the space-time node you are, rekindling primal connections with the pluriverse, reviving imagination, pushing boundaries away, discovering new techniques or pathways, the ones that open the way to the guardianship of old landscapes and territories.

Belonging is a radical predicament.

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[Disclaimer: all these words and weaved concepts are birthed through my lived, biased, and always limited perception of things, not supposing to bring any absolute truth.]

By Sofia Batalha
Mammal, author, woman-mother, question weaver and dismantling global-colonial-technological-capitalism one day at a time. Awkward prose-poet with no grammatical knowledge. Pilgrim through inner and outer landscapes, remembering ancient earth practices, in radical presence, active listening, ecopsychology, art, ecstasy, and writing. Author of seven books, editor of the free online magazine, Wind and Water, Re-member the Bones Podcast, and Beyond the Sea Conversations — all in Portuguese.
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Sofia Batalha

Sofia Batalha

Journeying 🌿 between inner and outer landscapes, remembering ancient earth practices, radical presence, active listening, ecopsychology, art and writing.