Welcome to the first Eco-Mythology Gathering in Portugal

A Gathering of Artists, Researchers, Activists and Authors, through Lectures, Rituals, Stories and Tales.

Sofia Batalha
4 min readAug 16, 2023

This is a pioneer gathering in Portugal about the need to intertwine Ecology and Mythology; about the importance of how we tell stories, be they personal, cultural, social, scientific or even political.

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​Twenty-one 45 min recorded presentations, in English and Portuguese (English subtitles available), for you to watch at your own pace.

​This event does not intend to define or crystallize the concept or territory of eco-mythology. Rather, it intends to take on its many voices and diverse contexts of time and space, just like a vibrant ecosystem where multiplicity is the key to resilience.

​Here we speak the languages of the earth, its ferocity, and subtlety. We challenge anthropocentric perception. We make ourselves available to listen and feel through the lens of radical and eco-systemic relationships. Furthermore, we allow other nuances to nourish us, like the voice of the wind, the stories of the mountains, or the whispers of the deep sea.

Here you will find all the recorded contents — the password to watch the videos is: Ec0myTh2o23.

Program & Speakers

​Day 1 — Weaving the Territory

​Opening. We lay the ground for eco-mythological perception and its current importance and necessity.

  • ​Presentation by Sofia BatalhaCosmic-Chthonic Cartography Primeval underground mysteries of Iberian myth, eco-mythology, ecopsychology, art and eight books
  • Ana AlpandeTextile Artist, Astrologer, and Storyteller. — OLD WOMAN’S SPIT AND THE AWAKENING OF SIGHT
  • Patrícia Rosa-MendesTranspersonal Therapist, Storyteller, Mythology — Art — Ecopsychology — GODDESSES, FAIRIES AND FOXES: ANCESTRAL WISDOM FOR NAVIGATING THE INITIATIONS OF LIFE IN THE FEMININE.

​Day 2 — The Place of the Body

​Following the body, ancestry and death.

  • Inabel Bee Uytiepopilipinx-chinese, deep collective care, somatic forgiveness & ancestral wayfinding — CURIOSITIES ARE NOT COINCIDENCES
  • Íris GarciaSomatic education, Trauma therapy, Doula, Herbalism, Iberian Animism, Eco-mythology — THE LADIES OF THE PATHS: ANIMISM, ANCESTRY AND SYNCRETISM
  • Ana Catarina InfanteEnd-of-Life/Death Doula, Nurse C. Palliative, Author of the book — the passage, Founder: Community doulas end of life — WHAT STORIES DO WE TELL OURSELVES?

​Day 3 — Earth’s Narratives

​We listen to the gods that whisper to us all the time.

  • Karmit Evenzur Story-tailor, Cosmology & textiles, living landscape, mythic memory. — THRESHOLDS AND PATHS IN THE GIBRALTAR STRAIT
  • Élia GonçalvesPsychologist, Transpersonal Therapist, Sub-Director EDT — Transpersonal School, Storyteller, Personal Creative Mythology, Author of Ophidia’s Myth. — THE MOORS, THE SELKIES AND THE STORIES WE LIVE: ENCOUNTERS WITH THE SPIRIT OF THE PLACE
  • Samuel F. PimentaPoet, Writer, Artist, LGBTQIA+ Rights, Human Rights, Earth Rights — OPHIUSSA — JOINING THE ENDS OF BROKEN THREADS

​Day 4 — Alchemy of Stories

​We cook stories and alchemize landscapes. We remember Mythology in Ecology.

  • ​Gayathri Ramachandran — Scientist, permaculture and weaver of ecosystemic metaphors — KOLAM AT THE THRESHOLD OF TAMIL HOMES
  • Ana SevinateClinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist — LANDSCAPE, PSYCHE AND THE PLACE OF HISTORY
  • ​Open session with Sofia BatalhaCosmic-Chthonic Cartography Primeval underground mysteries of Iberian myth, eco-mythology, ecopsychology, art and eight books. — Q&A

​Day 5 — The Ancestor’s Pulse

​Do we remember who we are?

  • Pegi EyersAuthor of Ancient Spirit Rising: Reclaiming Your Roots & Restoring Earth Community — WISDOM FROM DEEP TIME
  • Maristela BarencoUniversity professor in search of devices of interruption, everyday life, ancestry, sustainability, slowlife, connection-nature — DECOLONIZING CONSCIOUSNESS
  • Cláudia RodriguesClinical and Health Psychologist, Existential Psychotherapist — THE VOICE OF OUR GRANDPARENTS AND THE WHISPER OF CAILLEACH

​Day 6 — Feeling and Listening

​Who are we when we recognize the intertwining? How many intelligences do we host?

  • Annabelle BerríosShapeshifter. Weaver, connector, and bridge builder. Writer inspired by terrapsychological inquiry and post-activist. Social impact consultant and trainer. — THE PARADOX OF INTIMACY
  • Jorge MoreiraResearcher at the CFE — Centre for Functional Ecology — Science for People & the Planet. Societies and Environmental Sustainability. Department of Life Sciences University of Coimbra — FROM MYTH TO ECOSOPHY
  • Inês Ripamontisinger-songwriter, facilitator, authentic vocal expression, healing art: creativity in the service of well-being — PRAYER MUSIC

​Day 7 — Strands of Diversity

​We weave, we cook, we compost, we ferment, we create, and we breathe.

  • Chiara BaldiniCurator #liminalvillage @boomfestivalofficial PhD student @ciis_sf with a passion for ancient history, ecstatic rites and anything Dionysian — THE CROMELECHE OF ALMENDRES
  • Daniela KatoWriter, speaker and storyteller working in ecotherapy and menstruality mentorship — RESCUING THE FORGOTTEN WISDOM OF PLACES WITH THE SPIRITS OF JAPANESE FOLKLORE.
  • ​Closing with Sofia Batalha



Sofia Batalha

Journeying 🌿 between inner and outer landscapes, remembering ancient earth practices, radical presence, active listening, ecopsychology, art and writing.