The Eye of Paradox

Right here at the end of the world

Sofia Batalha
2 min readFeb 28, 2024
ler em português aqui:

Here, at the end of the world

Love and despair go hand in hand

Brilliant humour and belly-aching laughter

accompany thick tears

Painful mourning keeps the space open for what emerges

Madness and sanity sustain imagination

While twisted nightmares get real

Tension and flexion

Standing still in deep (e)motion

Sunk in what we want to control

Lost in rapid and insane illusory movements


We lose ourselves



Here, at the end of the world, we breathe together

We hear each other’s warm heartbeats

Here, at the end of the world, we rip our skins but keep our cloaks

We nestle together

Here, at the end of the world, the monstrous eye of paradox stares back at us.

Beckons back at us

Do you feel its gaze?

The Eye of Paradox Monster by me

This scream-prayer was written after listening to TYSON YUNKAPORTA on Inviolable Lore /362 [for the wild podcast]. I highly recommend you listen to it, too!



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