The Cosmic-Cthonic Self

Sofia Batalha
2 min readJan 28, 2022
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The Cosmic-Cthonic Self dialogues with the stars and the ground, weaving itself beyond the isolation of today’s hyper-individualism.

The Cosmic-Cthonic Self finds Sacredness in the stones as well as in the constellations, offering its heartbeat to the vibrant Web of Life.

The Cosmic-Cthonic Self knows that it is only a passage, an instant of space and time, between knowing and forgetting.

The Cosmic-Cthonic Self hears the ground and feels the clouds, speaks the language of textures, tastes and smells.

The Cosmic-Cthonic Self dialogues with the hands-heart in profound reciprocity, both creative and destructive.

The Cosmic-Cthonic Self knows how to be an intersection of many threads, layers, and dimensions, the visible, the invisible, the mutilated, and the imaginary.

The Cosmic-Cthonic Self recognizes the value of its decentered singularity in a deep and responsible relationship with everything else.

The Cosmic-Cthonic Self reverberates with the metamorphosis and impermanence of the clouds and the wind.

The Cosmic-Cthonic Self lies deep beyond the ages, pulsating with the rhythms of the ground and the galaxies.

The Cosmic-Cthonic Self recognizes its rich multiplicity.

The Cosmic-Cthonic Self knows it is web, it is place, it is time and passage.

The Cosmic-Cthonic Self is only here and now, never exiling all change, from pain to joy.

The Cosmic-Cthonic Self lives in the body, in every nook and cranny, in the deepest roots, and on top of the highest mountains.

[Disclaimer: all these words and weaved concepts are birthed through my lived, biased, and always limited perception of things, not supposing to bring any absolute truth.]

By Sofia Batalha
Mammal, author, woman-mother and question weaver one day at a time. Awkward prose-poet with no grammatical knowledge. Pilgrim through inner and outer landscapes, remembering ancient earth practices, in radical presence, active listening, ecopsychology, art, ecstasy, and writing. Author of eight books, editor of the free online magazine, Wind and Water, Re-member the Bones Podcast, and Beyond the Sea Conversations — all in Portuguese.
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Sofia Batalha

Journeying 🌿 between inner and outer landscapes, remembering ancient earth practices, radical presence, active listening, ecopsychology, art and writing.