Fractal eyes in the sky

Cloud whispers

Sofia Batalha
2 min readNov 21, 2021


Photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash

Dense or sparse, slow or fast, we move with the wind, suspended in thin air, flying in a million storied pilgrimages.

We’ve been circling from the depths of the earth, through living pulsating bodies and reaching the higher abyssal heights of the sky — submerging, emerging, and back again.

Organic and porous droplets, penetrating in togetherness.

We gather around sacred peaks, grazing topographies, swirling and swaying in a holy dance.

We are vulnerable, veiled translucent bodies, playing in hazy elevations.

We roar and sing, thundering and breaching the skies, unleashing wild offerings, plasmatic bonds upon the raw earth.

Fractal eyes in the sky, journeying droplets pilgrims, nurturing the withering soil or drowning and choking the earth.

Within our aquatic bodies, we whisper mysteries through the breeze.

A million fractal eyes in the sky, diffracting and reflecting time and place.

We crack light, releasing shadows and bright, colorful spectrums.

Kairotic spirals stirring and awakening, moving into existence.

Reaching the sun and the moon, bridging cosmic and chthonic bodies. Rushing in silence, waving, rumbling, crumbling.

Weightless, clusters of subtle crystals, ethereal patterns of ancient nebulous memories.

Braving in impermanence, we sense and see in multiple fractal dimensions.

[Disclaimer: all these words and weaved concepts are birthed through my lived, biased, and always limited perception of things, not supposing to bring any absolute truth.]

By Sofia Batalha
Mammal, author, woman-mother, question weaver and dismantling global-colonial-technological-capitalism one day at a time. Awkward prose-poet with no grammatical knowledge. Pilgrim through inner and outer landscapes, remembering ancient earth practices, in radical presence, active listening, ecopsychology, art, ecstasy, and writing. Author of seven books, editor of the free online magazine, Wind and Water, Re-member the Bones Podcast, and Beyond the Sea Conversations — all in Portuguese.
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Sofia Batalha

Journeying 🌿 between inner and outer landscapes, remembering ancient earth practices, radical presence, active listening, ecopsychology, art and writing.