⛰ Eco-Systemic Wisdom ⛰

What is eco-systemic wisdom anyway? It sounds like a fancy name, but it is something we all come equipped to do and be.

Sofia Batalha
2 min readNov 15, 2022
Photo by Adam Kool on Unsplash

⛰ This is visceral and experiential wisdom, an integrated presence of our multiple intelligences, urgent to rescue. A listening without presuming that what is outside is a resource or even has to be mutilated to exclusive human utility.

⛰ Eco-systemic wisdom is animistic, intergenerational, communal, and contextual; it is collected and experienced over generations of bodies in place. It is reciprocal, claiming the place of relationship rather than control, for it knows the mystery of cycles from chaos to order.

⛰ Eco-systemic Wisdom is NOT about the modern sense of “going within,” dissociating and separating ourselves repeatedly. But a place of listening, responsibility, and giving our attention to what is going on outside. Let us feel the breeze and the rain on our faces, for NOTHING is just inside. That separation is impossible in a systemic, hybrid, porous pluriverse. As biological beings we are constantly fertilized by meteorology, geography, poetry, topography, history, power fluctuations, and the whole ecology that forms and transforms us at every moment. In the modern way of thinking that everything is “in,” is to silence everything around as optional or superfluous. It is to silence the relationships that directly or indirectly fertilize us.

⛰ Eco-systemic Wisdom is rhythmic, responsive, and seasonal. It speaks of detecting and knowing a given place’s multiple patterns and cycles, all similar and all singular and unique.

⛰ Eco-systemic Wisdom is not just binary but fractal, unfolding and gathering, taking in the details and vast mutations.

⛰ Eco-systemic Wisdom is transdisciplinary, generating knowledge that is geological, meteorological, topographical, herbal, and animal, but also practical, somatic, emotional, symbolic, ritual, and spiritual. Knowledge that is encoded in metaphors, myths, tales and songs, rhymes, dances and adages.

⛰ Eco-systemic Wisdom is as old as we are and is the root of belonging.



Sofia Batalha

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