Eco-anxiety or cultural apocalypse

Tending broken hearts and shattered souls

Photo by Chrissie Giannakoudi on Unsplash

Neophytes of the apocalypse

Apocalypse is a powerful word with a vast historical, cultural and religious charge. It tends to be negative, but in truth, an apocalypse is a revelation: to be able to see something previously hidden. It comes from the Greek word Apokálypsis, which means “to lift the veil” or discover something secret.

Hybridization or absolutism — the othering

Crossing the abyss of the hegemonic cultural perspectives takes us away from absolutism, bringing us down to our knees, howling to life. The othering is an ancient tool of cultural absolutism, and it creates a meaningful severance between them and us. This colonial tool is fractally repeated to exhaustion at the expense of life’s diversity.

We need to lift the veils of identity beyond the images, ideas, structures, knowledge, solutions, and dimensions that arise from a powerful yet genocidal culture. We need to remember who we really are and that we are enough.

Journeying 🌿 between inner and outer landscapes, remembering ancient earth practices, radical presence, active listening, ecopsychology, art and writing.