Journeying 🌿 between inner and outer landscapes, remembering ancient earth practices, radical presence, active listening, ecopsychology, art and writing.

Cloud whispers

Photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash

Dense or sparse, slow or fast, we move with the wind, suspended in thin air, flying in a million storied pilgrimages.

We’ve been circling from the depths of the earth, through living pulsating bodies and reaching the higher abyssal heights of the sky — submerging, emerging, and back again.


See the inside out


In my day-to-day life, I work with homes and people. Better saying, with the inside of both. Through an individualized therapeutic approach, I interpret houses and their inhabitants, possibly suggesting changes to improve people’s lives in their multiple dimensions and contexts.
From the hundreds of consultations and accompaniments I have…

Resting in comfort and the separation of relationship.


Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we have comfortable homes, at least for the material they are built, and where we can sleep comfortably rested. The temperature, sounds, textures, or lighting are adjustable, minimized, and filtered so that we can be and rest as gently as possible.

However, something fascinates me…
  • Why do we insist on only looking inward?
  • Why do we think that our physical, emotional, and psychic well-being is only dependent on the interior of our homes?
  • Why do we control and shape our inner environments according to rules imported from other places and cultures?

These questions serve to…

In Portuguese, we have a familiar expression, “being with a landscape face.” This relatively common expression is used when you feel someone is extremely thoughtful, looking lost, and abstracted in some “unconstructive” or unhelpful concern or thought. It can also mean to pretend that nothing happened, to pretend that it’s…

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Article I wrote for @STCWpublishing

This article is possibly an event, activity, practice, even a ritual. Or maybe it is just a story, even though an ancient one. The mythology presented in the bones of this melody of words is based upon wild, pre-roman, telluric (sacred energy emanating from the…

Bees, Wild Myrtle and Greenhouse Berries

Photo by Kris Mikael Krister on Unsplash


I sit with my bare feet on the ground, watching bees dancing amidst the crawling weeds, small flowers, tiny leaves, and mushrooms. All the ground-level diversity envelops various insects, from crawlers to flying pollinators. The ground is teeming with life, and this is merely above the surface.

Alejandro Olade Unsplash

Feng Shui gave me a voice. During years of research and practice, I dedicated myself to its secrets and teachings, followed its ancestral steps, and brought it renewed to the here and now.

Feng Shui, like the wisdom of places, is, in fact, timeless and cross-cultural, being present, in ways…

Sofia Batalha

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